How does it all work?

This is the techy stuff. Do you need to know it? No. But still, if you’d like to know more, please read on…

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On this page you can find some technical stuff about how our websites work.  The good news is that you don’t actually need to know any of this stuff in order to build or maintain your site – it just works.

A Web21 site is made up of four parts. When put together they result in a nice-looking, functional website which can be found by your customers.

WordPress + Genesis + Theme + SEO = your awesome Web21 website

We tend to think of your website as being like a car. WordPress is the engine, Genesis is the body, the Theme is the paint job and SEO is the GPS which makes sure your car ends up in the right place on the Internet.


Our sites are based on WordPress, a Content Management System which is used by over 74 million sites on the Internet.  The main reason we use WordPress is that it’s easy to use, reliable, and constantly updated with new features. If you need your site to do something especially clever there’s a good chance we can make it happen with WordPress.


Genesis is a framework which wraps around WordPress and makes it better. Genesis provides us with designs which look great on any device, security and the ability to add all manner of clever widgets to your site.


One of the biggest costs in web design is the development of a nice-looking theme. After all, when a visitor clicks through to your site we don’t want them thinking “my eyes are hurting!” Using a theme ensures that you end up with an attractive site which looks good whether you are sitting at a desk or squinting at your smartphone on the bus ride home from work.


SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.  In plain English this refers to the way in which the site is built and the content we add to it so that people using a search engine such as Google can find you. SEO is something of a dark art and the best sites are those that are constantly updated with new content, but our system gets you off to a great start in the race to be found by Google.


So this was a basic introduction to how our Web21 system works. The good news is that you don’t need to remember any of this in order to get yourself on the web, we take care of all the technical stuff. Easy as.


Ready to go?

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