The Fine Print

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As with any business arrangement, the details of the contract need to be laid out so that everyone knows what the expectations are and what the client gets for their money. This page contains the latest version of The Fine Print which governs the business relationship between us and you.

This page was last updated on 4 July 2017.


  1. The Fine Print describes the obligations of Web21 and the client. The Fine Print may be updated from time to time. Web21 will provide the client with prior notice of this.
  2. Web21 provides websites to individuals, small businesses and other organisations who seek to have a presence on the internet. Web21 does not aim to, nor does it provide, a website solution which will suit the needs of clients expecting to receive very high levels of web traffic.
  3. Web21 provides websites which are intended to provide standard information to web users such as text and images. Web21 websites are not intended to support services such as file sharing and video hosting, and as such these activities are forbidden.

What we will do

  1. Web21 will build a website on the WordPress platform, using the Genesis framework and a child theme supplied by Studiopress. Web21 will also activate a selection of cost-neutral plugins from the WordPress repository in order to provide the desired functionality.
  2. Web21 will provide guidance and support in the form of FAQs and tutorials in the processes required to maintain your website. Web21 will happily provide support by email, and limited telephone support.
  3. Web21 will provide technical advice and support to clients to the extent of supplying basic tutorials and settings which are required for setting up email.
  4. We will provide the functionality to allow your website to collect email addresses from visitors, and then use these emails to send out regular newsletters. There’s a limit on how many individual emails you can send (1,000 per month) without incurring a small additional charge. If you think you’ll bump into this cap, please make contact with us for a chat.
  5. If within three months of your site going live you are not satisfied with the product that Web21 has produced we will offer you a money-back guarantee. In the event that Web21 has purchased a domain name on your behalf, we will offer to sell this to you.

What we will not do

  1. The systems and tools used by Web21 are in widespread use. That said, Web21 staff do not profess to be experts in the range of internet browsers, computer and cell phone operating systems and email applications that are available. As such Web21 may not be able to provide the technical advice necessary to get your computer, tablet or cellphone working with our email and website update systems. In such a situation you may need to seek the advice of an information technology professional in your local area.
  2. Web21 has invested significant time and resource in the investigation and testing of plugins. Web21 will not install an unfamiliar plugin on your website without carrying out a comprehensive testing regime. This work is charged at $60 per hour.

What you agree to do

  1. You agree to pay Web21 for the services we provide. Once we have reached agreement on the look and functionality of your website you will pay us the agreed setup fee. On the first day of each month, you will pay the monthly hosting fee, with the first payment being made on the first day of the month occurring at least 31 days after your site goes live. You agree to pay Web21 for any additional services we provide such as newsletter production and major site changes, as agreed to prior to work commencing.

What you agree not to do

  1. You agree to avoid any actions which threaten the safety and security of the Web21 system. This includes using safe Internet practices when accessing your Web21 site and any associated email accounts.
  2. You agree not to use your Web21 or associated email accounts for any activity even remotely-related to spam, phishing, mass marketing or porn.
  3. You agree not to use your Web21 site or associated email accounts for any malicious or harmful activity. Web21 reserves the right to immediately shut down any site found to contain material which could be deemed harmful or could incite others to cause harm to another person.


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