How do your customers find you?

If you’re not on Google, you’re hiding from your potential clients…

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How people search nowadays

Here in New Zealand over 85% of people use the Internet. Many of us use the Internet whilst we’re doing something else. We might be working at our desk using a computer. We might be sitting on the couch watching television. We might be on the road traveling here or there. In these moments our minds wander to some product we want to buy, or some service we need to arrange. In those moments we don’t get up and grab the Yellow Pages, most of us just click on Google and do our searching. It is in these moments that your business needs to be in the mix with a chance of being found by your potential client.

Make sure they find you first

There is a second very important reason why you need to be on the internet. When a new or existing customer needs to telephone you, there is a good chance that they will use the internet to find your number rather than using the Yellow Pages, or rifling through a drawer full of business cards. They will type in some words into Google and Google will try and figure out what or who they looking for. If that search page doesn’t include your business name there is a chance that your client will choose one of your competitors instead. It all comes down to this simple fact: our sites needs to rank highly on Google.

Add colour and life to your messages

The third reason why you should be on the internet is that it allows you to add colour and life to your messages. You are not restricted by the 4cm x 10cm square of space, jostling for attention alongside similar businesses. You can add as much content as you like to your site: words, pictures, videos, testimonials, news items, links to other sites of interest. Adding this extra content doesn’t cost you extra money, but it makes your website more attractive to site visitors and to Google.

The internet is more than just an electronic advertisement, it gives you the chance to tell a story and motivate people to choose your product or service. Your Web21 website will provide the launchpad to help you rank highly on Google.

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