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One of the reasons that can offer great prices to Kiwi businesses is the use of shared webhosting. Web21 purchases shared webhosting and then shares it among Web21 clients, bringing down the cost and offering you great value.

The downside of shared webhosting is that it does comes with some limitations, mainly in the form of storage space. By far the biggest user of storage space is email. For this reason, it is important to carry out some email housekeeping on a regular basis.

The directions below explain how to do this housekeeping, but if you’re too busy for this you might prefer to implement Google Workspaces instead. That solution offers up to 30GB of storage space along with other business-enhancing tools such as video meetings.

How to tidy up your email

The key task we are going to carry out is the deletion of email that we no longer need. To do this, we need to log in to the email server and purge emails that we won’t need again.

To access your email directly:

  1. Open a web browser such as Chrome or Safari
  2. Visit your website and type ‘/webmail’ after the web address. For example:
  3.  Enter your email address and password.
If you cannot remember your password, please contact Web21 and we will set a new password for you.

When searching for large files in your email account, you can navigate to the Trash and Sent folders, click on the Options button above the email titles and then sort them in Descending order according to Size. You’ll able to easily identify emails with large attachments such as photos – these are usually the culprits.

The second way to tidy up your email is to delete newsletters and marketing emails. Click on the Options button and then sort according to From. As you scroll through the results you will see the emails grouped together. Click on the first email to highlight it, then scroll and Shift+click on the last email from that sender, then click Delete.


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