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The internet is basically just millions and millions of computers, all linked together. Google and other search engines spend their time ‘crawling’ around the spiderweb of connected websites making an index of the contents of each webpage. Then, when a person enters some words into the Google search bar, Google tries to figure out which pages are most suitable and then offers these up in the order of being most likely to suit the searcher’s needs.

Businesses want to rank highly on Google, and this is where Social Media comes in. Googles looks for connections between your website and social media tools like Facebook and Instagram. Google pays attention to the people that ‘like’ and comment on your site and your social media posts. The more that people engage with you content, the more Google likes you!

As part of your setup fee Web21 will also help you create a Facebook Page, and Google Business listing and an Instagram account. With these tools in place, you have the best chance of getting yourself higher up the list on Google. And if you need help keeping your social media humming, we can point you in the right direction, too!

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