Reading your Web21 Activity Report

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Your Web21 Activity Report shows all of the activities that have taken place on your website in the past week. All of these tasks are required to ensure that yourWordpress site keeps working well on all sorts of devices and screen sizes, and is protected from hackers. All of this work is included in your $21 monthly hosting fee.

This page is here to explain the various sections in your report. If you have any further questions, please contact Web21

WordPress Core
Your site is built on WordPress, the wor’d’s most popular website creation engine. This section tells us that our WordPress version is up-to-date.

Update Log
Plugins are like modifications to your site that do certain things. Some plugins help with the site design, others perform certain tasks such a offering a contact form. This section lists the plugins that Web21 has updated on your behalf in the last week.

File Scanning
Your Web21 website has a built-in security scanning program that tries to discover files that might have been hacked. The scanner regularly identifies potential problems and then Web21 reviews each one to make sure your site is clean.
Sometimes an item will appear in this section – this only occurs in the time between a potential issue being identified and when Web21 receives an email notification.

Blacklist Monitor
Your Web21 site is checked every six hours to make sure that your site has not been hacked and is now on Google’s blacklist.

IP lockouts
This section shows the number of times in the last week that hackers have attempted to access your site.

SEO Crawl Report
Google regularly visits your website to look for potential problems for site visitors. Problems include things like text being too small to read and clickable objects being too close together. When Google finds a problem, a message goes to Web21 suggesting how to fix the issue.

This section records any website down time since your last report. 

Response time
This section shows how long it takes for your home page to load.

This section shows the number of daily visitors to your website in the last week. The graph compares the number of visits last week to the week before.
The key numbers to look at on this page are:
Pageviews = the number of web pages visited last week
Unique pageviews = the number of unique visitors to your site
Bounce rate = the percentage of visitors who only viewed one page on your site
Avg Page Load Time = how long, on average, your site pages take to load

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