The Divine theme has a feminine, artistic vibe. It suits a range of businesses, especially those promoting food, craft and art products. If you want your clients to be thinking “yum, I want some of that!” then Divine will be perfect for you.


The lifestyle theme is perfect for businesses and bloggers that are constantly producing content. The theme is very flexible and comes with six colour styles.


The Atmosphere theme is simply gorgeous. It’s just the ticket for businesses that deal in imagery such as photographers, designers and architects. The layout is clean and clutter-free, meaning that the visitor to your site has no choice but to focus on your amazing images.


The Café theme is perfect for, you guessed it, cafés and restaurants. It has a parallax design which produces that funky scrolling effect. Whilst great for hospitality websites, the Café theme works really well for other businesses where images are all important. For example, this theme works particularly well for showcasing homes for sale.


Parallax is perfect for image-intensive sites where style is all-important! Photographers, designers, architects and artists will appreciate the way in which this theme puts their work centre-stage.

You can view this theme in action at Stephen Consulting


The Agency theme is ideal for service businesses where the focus is on the service you provide rather than the products you sell. It would suit any type of professional practice, be it law, medical, finance or any other type of professional advice. There are five colour options and a range of layouts to choose from.